Who is Janne Honkonen

Janne Honkonen

Janne Honkonen is an versatile a Finnish artist, philosopher, author, and an social media persona who has been creating both visual, physical, auditory and written art over a two decades in the form of paintings, photography, video art and documentary, commercials, jewelry, wood, and metal working and a statue design, music, and audio experiments as well as books and poems.

He has also excelled in area of computer working being a talented and experienced 3D graphician, software, and game developer as well as designer, marketer, and a branding designer. His software knowledge extends from desktop application with Delphi, Visual basic and C# programming to game development with tools such as Unity3D.

His hobbies include, among earlier mentioned, working out, listening DX radio, flying RC helicopters, collecting rocks, studying history and science as knowledge about different cultures and religions. He enjoys good art and entertainment, company of an similar smart and a open-minded people and a good humor.

His usual, and well-used, description reads as: Janne Honkonen is an artist, programmer, inventor, hacker, photographer, designer, marketer, collector, badass rocker and a father and a husband who is to be loved and feared.

Things I have said, sort of famous, originated from me, quoted by me

  • “World is full of lying and selfish bastards. Only thing what makes it worth-of-living, is that part of them is less lying selfish bastards” -Janne Honkonen (circa 2000)

  • “Ten million artists on a beach!” -Janne Honkonen (circa 2010)
    • [this one usually needs an explenation: World is full of people claiming themselves to be an artists, i.e. “ten million artists on the beach”, but if a imagined tidal wave would sweep them over, only few dozen, the real artists, would be left alive on the beach]

  • “There is nothing in the world what good cup of coffee cannot heal” -Janne Honkonen (circa 2016)