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Earth Hour energy saving calculator

Earth Hour. Turn off lights and TV for earth. Burn candles. Do your part stopping CO2 emissions. Right? Wrong.

Meet Janne Honkonen's Earth Hour energy saving calculator

Unlike most people understand, switching to candles instead of electric light might cause more CO2 emissions than using modern lights.

Calculate your own TRUE Earth Hour energy saving below.

Energy source * If you do not know, select median value (last one)
Median CO2 per Watt g

On regular evening (08:30-09:30pm) 20:30-21:30, if not Earth Hour you would:

Use your TV * Choose closest
40W incandescent lamps on
60W incandescent lamps on
9W energy saving lamps on
14W energy saving lamps on
4W LED lamps on
8W LED lamps on
Have electric radiators on

During Earth Hour you.. (check all that apply)

Have your TV on
Have your electric heating on
Turn off lights

Instead of lights, you burn candles for mood and lights during the hour.
* One paraffin candle causes 10g of CO2 per hour. This calculation DOES NOT include transportation and manufacturing emissions so if you want to be precise, emission is even more than 10g per hour.


On regular evening: for one hour, your power consumption is 0 watts which cause 0 grams of CO2 emission.

On Earth Hour: your consumption is 0 watts and 0 candles which cause total of 0 grams of CO2 emission.

This means.. waiting for the numbers input..

Did you know: One tree can absorb 48 grams of CO2 on a day

2018-03-18	Corrected small calculation error

Disclaimer: This is WORK-IN-PROGRESS, and may have problems or little miscalculations. Report problems to @JanneHonkonen on Twitter or FB. Sources of data is Wikipedia and other sites. Thanks Sanna for inspiration for this tool.


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