Isn’t it great to be alive in a era, where one does not have to know how to make any real music, does not have to know music theory or even notes, just need to know how to drop few funny colored balls on this and that track and voilá — you are a musician.

Without the path paved in front of my by Kanye West, Rebecca Black and basically any EDM musician dead or alive, I never, ever, would have courage, nerve, or a talent, to describe myself being a musician but since basically anyone can do it in the modern world if one can combine two or more notes, then can I.

I have made few EPs, one was Eurodance music tracks for one pinball game I made, and few others were meditation and relaxation tracks. By the definition stated before, and by the fact, that I actually have Google results and Spotify artist page to show it I must be a musician.

To be honest; I really do not consider myself being a musician, as I do not consider Kanye West to be a singer and only instrument I know how to flick in addition to the Fruityloops is my two guitars which I play somewhat badly but merit is a merit.

You can find my music from Spotify, Amazon and Google Play from following links: