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For the past heroes

This short, article or list, is devoted for sources of my personal inspiration, whenever they come from the music or from the entertainment from the TV or movies. This is for you, my heroes, my artists, who have left this world of living but their memory will live forever in the minds and heart of people. This list is a list of grief, which time will eventually fill. Artists, for the sake of art.

Heroes from Fiction

  • Alan Rickman, excellent actor, one of my favorite since Die Hard.
  • Andreas Katsulas, excellent actor, one of my favorite characters in Babylon 5
  • Christopher Lee, the most bad-ass actor ever been. A vampire, a rocker, a wizard and a man with the golden gun. One of my favorites.
  • Jerry Doyle, a great actor, best known from Garibaldi of Babylon 5 and one of my favorite characters
  • Leonard Nimoy, actor, photographer, a true artist. Spock. Will be dearly missed
  • Michael O’Hare, actor, known from Babylon 5. A Man with a kind smile.
  • Pete Postlethwaite, a excellent and versatile actor, one of my favorites, who life took too soon
  • Robin Williams, brilliant actor who passed away by his own hand after suffering from degenerating disease

Heroes from Music

  • David Bowie, memorable, little wierd, an artist and brilliant musician, who died after a long struggle with his disease
  • Johnny Cash, a musician and artist, who struggled with the drug addiction and won, to become a legend
  • Lemmy Kilmister, a personification of a rock, a true gentleman and inspiration of all, heart and soul of modern rock

Special mentions

  • Han Solo, the fuckers killed brilliant fictional character off in Star Wars: Force Awakens

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