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My technological wishlist

Following items are the part of my (sometimes expensive) wish-I-could-afford wishlist.

  • Z-Wave New home automation system (had X10, worked “most of the time”, now aiming for new)
    • I had several years ago X10 system, which was I controlled with phone and over internet. I was pioneer doing online configuration and control to X10 network “before it was cool” and controlled my apartment with SMS, Email and with the browser. Now I want get back to the basics with the nextgen tech
  • GoPro 4 (or newer)
    • This would be a good replacement for my broken GoPro 3
  • 360 degrees HD video camera
    • I’m a video camera fanatic. No need to say more.
  • Sony HXR NX professional video camera*
    • I have loved video cameras since early age of 5. Few years back I finally, with hard work and blood, I got my own NXCam. Love sony.
  • Gear VR*
    • VR / video glasses have been on my wishlist since 80s when I saw them in a movie. Some day..
  • Oculus Rift (or other PRO VR)
    • Gear VR is cool. And made me want the next step. Oculus Rift please.
  • Professional Quadcopter* + GoPro gimbal
    • I’m a RC fanatic. I am a video fanatic. I am a scenery fanatic. Need to say more?
  • GoPro 3 Black edition
    • Best sport/action camera ever was or been, but sadly, LCD broke
  • RGB LED Strip
    • Still, only remote controlled but cool cheap china product
  • Laser CNC engraver/ cutter*
    • Thank you Ebay. 40W Laser cutter, china version, updated by me
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
    • Even since predator, I have loved thermal imaging
  • CNC metal milling machine
  • Wood CNC / Laser machine
  • Wood lathe
  • Unity PRO
    • Free version has it’s limits
  • Zoom H4N1*
    • This was on my wish list over few decades, to be exact, with title professional audio recording tool

* star-marked items had or have been over a decade on my wishlife. Some even several decades.


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