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Fetcher w/ FTP Echo 0.1

Commandline tool (No GUI)

Makes a simple HTTP request, downloads it to local and then uploads it to FTP server with defined username and password. Upload is done with temporary filename and then renamed to the final name after upload complete so it’s read-safe. If destination file exists, it is removed before renaming (i.e. safe-overwrite.). Updated versio also supports looping with selected pause interval.

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fetfecho [url] [localfile] [remotefile] [ftp-host] [ftp-user] [ftp-pass] [loop]

[url] URL file you wish to download (full path)
[localfile] name of the local file to be saved (full path)
[remotefile] name of the remote (FTP) file to be saved (only file name)
[ftp-host] host of the FTP server you wish to send the file
[ftp-user] username for the FTP server
[ftp-pass] password for the FTP server
[loop] optional. If defined, waits for [loop] seconds and restarts. cancel with ctrl-c. No continual outputs.

** Tool creates temporary upload name for FTP file and before renaming
 to final name, tries deleting existing file with same name. This is
 mainly to prevent reading the file before it is fully uploaded.

fetfecho http://www.example.com/yup.jpg c:\yup.jpg newname.jpg ftphost.com ftpuser ftppass

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