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Skills collection

I can do few things. I'm good in most and I'm brilliant in some

Serverside: PHP, Perl, Python, Shell script, MySQL
Clientside: HTML & CSS, JS (vanilla, frameworks such as JQuery, XML/JSON/Ajax/etc), AC
Desktop and mobile: Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C, C#
APIs: Google, Paypal, Mobile solutions
DB: MariaDB (MySQL), MS, custom DB systems

Visual working
Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, Vegas Pro, 3DSMax, Terragen, Particle Illusion, Poser, E-On Vue

Game development
Unity 3D (C#)

3D Printing, design and development
Laser CNC working/engraving and CNC cutting process

Other software
Linux, Debian, Apache, Postfix, Bind, SSH, Cron etc.

Content skills
Professional writer and analytist
Book author

Additional skills
Marketing SEO, Viral, B2B, Branding, Analysis, Security
Teaching and tutoring, education
Electronics and sensors
Office, OpenOffice, Google tools etc.

PC computers, Integrated peripherals
Networking and wiring, network models
Raspberry Pi, development, GPIO

Professional AV talents, such as:
Photography and photo retouching, repro
Videography, editing, effects, and retouching
Audio editing, retouching, and manipulation

Visual design, along
Sculpturing, painting, jewelry design and production

Music and ambient audio
Professinal audio editor, electronic music

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