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Skills collection

I can do few things. I’m good in most, I’m brilliant in some and I’m hopeless in few.

  • Programming
    • Serverside: PHP, Perl, Python, Shellscript
    • Clientside: HTML, CSS, Webkit, Javascript (vanilla, frameworks, XML/JSON/Ajax/etc), ActionScript
    • Desktop: Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C, UnityScript
    • APIs: Google, Paypal, Mobile solutions
  • Visual working
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After effects, Vegas Pro, 3DSMax, Terragen, Particle Ilusion, Poser, E-On Vue
  • Dev
    • Unity, Phonegap, Flash
  • Stuff
    • Laser CNC working / engraving and CNC cutting process
    • Linux, Debian, Apache, Postfix, Bind, SSH, Cron etc.
    • Marketing SEO, Viral, B2B, Branding, Analysis, Security
    • Teaching and tutoring, education
    • Office, OpenOffice, Google toolsetc.
  • Hardware
    • PC computers, Integrated periphials
    • Raspberry Pi, development, GPIO
  • Art
    • Professional AV talents, such as:
      • Photography and photo retouching, repro
      • Videography, editing, effects and retouching
      • Audio editing, retouching and manipulation
    • Visual design, along:
      • Sculpturing, painting, jewelry design and production
    • Music and ambient audio
      • Yeah, I do that, from time to time

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