I love the art of writing. It has it’s own special scent which I adore. Here are few books I have written and published. #ThingsJanneHaveSaid  The modern #social world is a full of hashtags. Some of them contain more wisdom than others, some are just are a big pile of a #horsedong in their own nature….


Isn’t it great to be alive in a era, where one does not have to know how to make any real music, does not have to know music theory or even notes, just need to know how to drop few funny colored balls on this and that track and voilá — you are a musician….

Curriculum Vitae

Work history Affreport Ltd as Senior Software Developer (2018 – Present) Full-stack development Brand and graphics design Owlkeep as Owner (2015 – Present) Indie game developing and producing Studio Tulimeri as Owner, Artist (2006 – Present) Art directing Marketing speciality PKSV LLD as Service manager (2010) Server management speciality Paytrail as Software developer (2010) Payment…